Spray Foam

All of our spray foam roofing products are specifically engineered to meet some of the toughest building code standards. Our roofing and insulation spray foam products are ICC and/or CCMC approved and are superior to traditional building products.

Technical Data

Product Application Density Open / Closed Cell Technical Data Sheet
Foam C25 Roofing 2.5 PDF Closed Cell Technical Data Sheet
Foam C20 Insulation 2.0 PDF Closed Cell Technical Data Sheet – unavailable
Foam O05 Insulation 0.5 PDF Open Cell Technical Data Sheet – unavailable


What is Polyurethane Spray Foam?

systemWhat is SPF? SPF is a seamless, “spray-in-place” insulation that is rigid, closed-cell, plastic foam. It has the most efficient insulating properties available. A monolithic insulation is formed through the mixing of an Iso or ‘A’ component and a special resin blend or ‘B’ component. Heated materials are pumped at high pressures through precisely metered plural-component equipment and blended right at a spray gun. The liquids, once mixed, immediately expand to approximately 20 times their original liquid volume.


Warranty Info

The length of the warranty and what it covers all depends on the roof system that is installed and the installer. Below are a few examples of the types of warranties available.

Sample Warranty

Sample Warranty

•  5 Yr – System
•  5 Yr – Recoat
•  10 Yr – System
•  10 Yr – Recoat
•  15 Yr – System


Note: There are special cases in which we require a recoat or inspection every X number of years to ensure a long lasting product.




Articles about Spray Foam

Energy Savings Start at the Top

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Energy Savings Start at the Top

Air conditioning heat load is typically reduced by 70% to 90% when using polyurethane spray foam instead of a built-up or galvanized roof. SunBlock Materials provides a Spray foam that is a seamless, sprayed in-place polyurethane foam roofing system that provides you with the most efficient protection and insulation available. With SunBlock your energy costs can be reduced as much as 30% annually. This enables the interior of your building to retain heat better in cold weather, and dispel the sun’s heat in the warmer months. SunBlock...

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Insulation Foam Available

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We have recently secured a great Insulation/Wall foam for use in your next construction project. We have a 1/2 lb Open Cell foam, or 2 lb Closed Cell foam available. Give us a call at 480-553-5011 to find out more.

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